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4th Annual 5K in honor of Vanessa Marcotte to be held virtually Saturday

The Vanessa T. Marcotte Foundation’s fourth annual 5K will be held virtually Saturday, Jun. 20, with participants running or walking together live on a running app while social distancing.
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12 Heroes Making Running Safer

How these men and women are taking a stand against harassment.
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3rd Annual Vanessa T. Marcotte 5K Run, Walk

Nearly 3 years after she was killed while out for a jog in Princeton, Massachusetts, Vanessa Marcotte will be remembered when a 5k will be run in her memory next month. 
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Vanessa Marcotte Foundation Holds Self-Defense Workshop

Standing boldly and screaming loudly, a group of more than 200 women learned how to defend themselves against an attacker. Sunday’s empowerment and self-defense workshop was put on by the Vanessa Marcotte Foundation.
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‘Strike for Vanessa’ Self-Defense Workshop

At Northeastern University this Sunday, the Vanessa T. Marcotte Foundation will host its second ‘STRIKE for Vanessa’ self-defense and empowerment workshop.
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Vanessa Marcotte’s spirit of service lives on in her foundation

Nearly two years after Vanessa Marcotte's murder shook the small town of Princeton, her legacy and spirit of service are living on in the foundation in her name.
Class for defense
Class for defense

Vanessa Marcotte Foundation, Worcester County Sheriff’s Office teach women self-defense

On the 27-month anniversary of Vanessa Marcotte’s death, about 30 women gathered at the Thomas Prince School to learn self-defense tips and techniques.
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‘Fight like your life depends on it’

A personal account of a self-defense course offered by the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office and The Vanessa T. Marcotte Foundation
Class for defense

Important story from Good Morning America with valuable self defense tips.

'Unfortunate' and scary reality for female runners This story was posted on September 20, 2018 on the ABC News website. For the full article/video please visit ABC News. The viral hashtags #MilesforMollie and #dcrunners4wendy are reflecting…