Changing a Culture of Objectification

Learn more about the mission of the Vanessa T. Marcotte Foundation and the woman who inspires the mission in this interview between Caroline Tocci and Ashley McNiff, co-founders of the Vanessa T. Marcotte Foundation.

Foundation takes up Vanessa Marcotte’s goal: a better world

Vanessa Marcotte would have turned 28 next Saturday. While there will be tears and questions and sadness, there will also be hope and determination, as hundreds of pumping hearts will pound the pavement not far from where she died.

Family launches foundation, holding run to honor jogger Vanessa Marcotte

5K will be held in Princeton on what would have been her 28th birthday.

This 5K will honor slain jogger Vanessa Marcotte on what would have been her 28th birthday

On June 17, runners will fill Wachusett Mountain in Princeton. They’ll take part in the Vanessa T. Marcotte Foundation 5K Run/Walk in honor of Vanessa Marcotte, the Princeton native and Boston University graduate slain while jogging near her family’s home last August.

Arrest In Murder Of Vanessa Marcotte A ‘Relief’ For Family Members

 One day after the breakthrough in the murder of Vanessa Marcotte, her family says they are still processing that an arrest has been made.

The real dangers of running while female

When does running the Boston Marathon become an act of defiance? For Ashley McNiff, it was when her best friend, Vanessa Marcotte, went out for a run and never came back.

Friends, Family Honoring Memory of Vanessa Marcotte

This year one of Vanessa Marcotte’s closest friends, Ashley McNiff will cross the finish line of the Boston Marathon in her memory.

Friends and Family Honor Memory of Vanessa Marcotte With New Foundation and 5K

Marcotte’s closest friends and family have been working on a project that they hope will not only honor her memory, but support organizations that promote female empowerment, challenge and undermine gender stereotypes, and provide mentorship opportunities.

Family establishes foundation for slain jogger

Family establishes foundation for slain jogger